Seminar on Petroleum and Natural Gas Resources Potential of Sri Lanka






 The seminar jointly organized by the Geological Society of Sri Lanka (GSSL) and the Petroleum Resources Development Secretariat (PRDS) was held on 02nd August, 2013 at the Auditorium of the PRDS with remarkable success. Geoscientists from various organizations, university academics and undergraduates participated in the seminar with great enthusiasm delving into country’s potentially emerging enterprise that has a global significance. The event was the first of its kind targeting a local audience who will become a part of the key stakeholders in the anticipated petroleum industry of the country. Mr. Saliya Wickramasuriya, Director General of PRDS elaborated on the Role of the PRDS and Current Status of Oil Exploration in Sri Lanka as a prelude to the proceedings of the day. Technical deliberations were commenced with PRDS Petroleum Geophysicist, Mr. Damsith Weerasinghe’s presentation on Petroleum Geophysics and Well Logging Techniques followed by the technical presentation on Petroleum Geology and Sri Lanka’s Petroleum Potential by Mr. Chaminda Kularathna, Petroleum Geologist, PRDS. Mr. Damith Senadheera, Safety Engineer, PRDS presented important facts on Drilling and Safety in Petroleum Industry raising early awareness on an industry which involves high-risk operations. Petroleum Exploration Geochemistry and Basin Analysis were explained by Dr. Nalin Ratnayake, Senior Lecturer, Department of Earth Resources Engineering, University of Moratuwa. The participants were provided with an excellent opportunity to study the offshore geology around Sri Lanka in a 3D perspective through the demonstration of stratigraphic data gathered over past few years around the country and recently developed models. The latter half of the seminar consisted of presentations on economic, legal and regulatory frameworks of the petroleum industry of Sri Lanka. Ms. Shehani Gunasekara, Petroleum Lawyer and Ms. Ranali Perera, Petroleum Analyst of PRDS discussed the Production Sharing Contracts and the Fiscal Regime followed by the Petroleum Business Set up and Local Context presented by Ms. Preeni Withanage, Director-Benefits, PRDS. GSSL and PRDS were overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of the geoscientific community of the country to embrace petroleum geology and related sciences as a newly emerging field. The two organizations will continue their partnership with the view of strengthening the professional resources needed for the petroleum industry in future.

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