Proposed GSSL Book on ‘Advancement in Geology of Sri Lanka’

GSSL Publication on Advancement in Geology of Sri Lanka

Since the book on the Geology of Sri Lanka by late Prof. P.G. Cooray, published by National Museums of Sri Lanka, appeared in 1967, few other attempts have been made to review, collate and publish the advances made in the geology of Sri Lanka in a comprehensive format. Work on some aspects of Sri Lankan Precambrian basins done by German-Sri Lankan-Consortium () and Japan-Sri Lanka collaboration in ) have given significant advances in geology of Sri Lanka. However, Cooray’s book on the Geology of Sri Lanka remained the only reference book in understanding the general aspect s of regional geology of Si Lanka.

A proper knowledge of the advancement and updated geology of Sri Lanka and the dissemination and documentation of this information in the form of a book as has been attempted here are necessary to attract both graduate and undergraduate students, public and private sector investors of the Sri Lankan economy, which in turn should lead to the establishment of small and medium-scale enterprises.

This book on ‘Advancement of Geology in Sri Lanka’ is generally a review and an assemblage of several separate works on different aspects related to the geology of Sri Lanka with some new data generated in the last few years. It is therefore clear that most parts and indeed most of the chapters derive from previous works by other authors and in such cases, these have been clearly stated and the respective previous works and the authors duly acknowledged. The following sections have been identified in the proposed book of advancement of geology.


Section 1– Understanding of Development of Geology of Sri Lanka

Chapter 1        Historical progress of geology

Chapter 2        Geomorphological setting of Sri Lanka

Chapter 3        Theories established based on denudation and upliftment

Chapter 4        Precambrian historical records

 Section 2– Episodes of Crustal Developments of Sri Lanka

Chapter 5        Major geological subdivisions of Sri Lanka

Chapter 6        Sri Lankan Precambrian crust and its position in Gondwana/Rodinia

Chapter 7        Evolution of sedimentary basins

Chapter 8        Brittle fractures, lineaments and aquifer formation

Section 3–  Evolution of Metamorphic Basements of Sri Lanka

Chapter 9        Rocks of metamorphic basement

Chapter 10      Thermal history

Chapter 11      Structural and tectonic history

Chapter 12      Geochronology

Chapter 13      Pressure-temperature-time (P-T-t) history

Chapter 14      Cooling history

Section 4–Post Metamorphic Magmatism in Sri Lanka

Chapter 15      Pegmatites

Chapter 16      Dolerite dikes

Chapter 17      Carbonatites

Chapter 18      Serpentinite rocks

Chapter 19      Granites and granite looking rocks

 Section 5–Sedimentary Basins of Sri Lanka

Chapter 20      Jurassic sedimentary formations

Chapter 21      Lanka basin

Chapter 22      Cauvery basin

Chapter 23      Mannar basin

Chapter 24      Continental margin and abyssal plane sediments

Chapter 25      Miocene Limestones

Chapter 26      Quaternary deposits

(Peat, Red earth, Beach rocks, Laterite, Alluvial deposits, Inland coral reefs)

Section 6– Mineral Resources of Sri Lanka

Chapter 27      Phosphate deposits

Chapter 28      Iron-bearing formations

Chapter 29      Copper-magnetite occurrences

Chapter 30      Graphite occurrences

Chapter 31      Vein quartz deposits

Chapter 32      Feldspar deposits

Chapter 33      Mica deposits

Chapter 34      Metals and radioactive minerals

Chapter 35      Clay deposits

Chapter 36      Gem deposits

Chapter 37      Heavy mineral sands

Chapter 38      Geothermal resources

Section 7 – Geological Mapping of Sri Lanka

Chapter 39      Overview of structural and geological mapping

Chapter 40      Geological mapping in hard rock terrains

Chapter 41      Quaternary geological mapping

Chapter 42      Geochemical mapping

Section 8 – Passive-Source Seismic Studies of Sri Lanka

Chapter 43      Seismicity in and around Sri Lanka

Chapter 44      Trans-oceanic Tsunamis

Chapter 45      Indo-Australian collision and new plate development

Section 9–Landslides in Sri Lanka

Chapter 46      Recognition of landslides and its inventory

Chapter 47      Landslide hazard mapping

Chapter 48      Modelling of landslides

 Section 10–Sri Lankan Geological Community

Chapter 49      Legendry Sri Lankan geologists

Chapter 50      Geological Society of Sri Lanka (GSSL)

Chapter 51      Institute of Geology, Sri Lanka (IGSL) 

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