GSSL Pleasure Trip 2016

GSSL Pleasure Trip-2016 to Visit Madu Ganga ended Successfully…!

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GSSL pleasure trip is going to be held on 09th April 2016. During this trip, our main plan is to see the natural beauty of the coastal lagoon/estuary of the Madu Ganga. In this location at Balapitiya, there are about 64 islands within the river and the lagoon. A special river safari of a four hour duration in a boat has been arranged to see the rich biodiversity of the lagoon/estuary that consists of hundreds of species of plants and animals. Also, during the boat ride, we will visit a temple in an island, the Cinnamon Island where cinnamon is made by local community, and to a place that we can get an experience in fish therapy. We will also ride to the area where the tiny Madu Ganga arrives into the large water body of estuary/lagoon, scientifically specking, to the transition zone between freshwater environments and maritime environments. This should be a wonderful opportunity especially for our children. At the end of the river safari, lunch plus a seafood barbecue will be arranged in an island of the lagoon. Also, you can enjoy Calypso music during the lunch time. We can also spend the evening (3.00-6.00 pm) at the nearby beach in Balapitiya with a sea bathing, beach cricket, chats, relaxing, etc. Please note that only 50 placers are available for this trip and confirm your participation to the organizers well in advance.
Reservation is strictly based on first-come and first served basis. See also the banner in the GSSL home for more details. The society will largely sponsor for the trip and you have to invest as follow.

GSSL member – Rs. 1500.00
Spouse/Children over 16 years – Rs. 1000.00
Children (6-16 years) – Rs. 500.00

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