Journal of the Geological Society of Sri Lanka (JGSSL)

Journal of the Geological Society of Sri Lanka (JGSSL) is a peer-reviewed and open access journal. It aims to publish the most topical and highest quality papers, summarizing the results of recent research across the full range of the Earth Sciences. Papers are frequently interdisciplinary in nature, often refer to regional studies and should emphasize the development of understanding of fundamental geological processes. The implications of regional studies should extend beyond their geographical context. Alternatively more specialized papers can be submitted, but they should be written in a style that is easily understood by non-specialists to illustrate the progress being made in that specific area of the Earth Sciences. Reviews on topics of current interest are also welcome, but they too should be written to cater for non-specialist readers. Specials are short papers on topical or controversial issues in Earth Sciences and receive fast-track reviewing procedures, allowing publication in less than 6 months.

The Journal of the Geological Society of Sri Lanka is published annually as a single issue, and the subscription price to institution and individual members is Rs. 500 (Sri Lankan) and US$ 30 (rest of the world). The journal will be dispatched by surface mail to all oversee subscribers.

Editorial correspondence and material submitted for publication should be addressed to the Editors, Geological Society of Sri Lanka. (email )

Business correspondence including orders and remittance relating to subscription, advertisements, back issues and off-prints should send to the Treasurer, Geological Society of Sri Lanka. All cheques should be crossed and made payable to ‘The Geological Society of Sri Lanka’. ().

Authors Guide

GSSL Special Publications

The Geological Society of Sri Lanka publishes a number of books, field guides and leaflets which cover many of the most popular areas of the geology of Sri Lanka. These publications are suitable for both amateur and professional geologist. For more details or to order any of the titles listed below, please contact the Treasurer/GSSL.

List of Special Publications
1. L.J.D. Fernando Felicitation Volume (1986)
2. Precambrian Events of Gondwana Fragments-abstract (1987)
3. Precambrian Events of Gondwana Fragments -Excursion Guide (1987)
4. 2nd International Symposium on Geology of Sri Lanka- abstract (1991)
5. 2nd International Symposium on Geology of Sri Lanka- Guide to Excursions (1991)
6. The Earth Around Us (Course Notes for Earth Science for Schools)-1995
7. Geological Field notes and Sketches (By P. G. Cooray)-1997
8. Rocks, Mineral and the Environment (Course Notes for Earth Science for Schools)-1997(in Sinhala).
9. Earth and the Environment- A Geological Introduction (Course Notes for Earth Science for Schools)-2010(in Sinhala).(Rs. 350/-)

Abstract Volumes of Annual Technical Sessions of the GSSL

 The papers presented in the previous annual session can be downloaded from here. Limited no. of printed versions of ‘Annual Session Abstracts’ are also available at GSSL offices in Kandy and Colombo and please contact GSSL Editors for more details.

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