GSSL Undergraduate Research Award

GSSL has established an annual cash award called “GSSL Undergraduate Research Award” to be awarded for the “Best Undergraduate Research” in Earth Science. We are glad to inform you that the research award will be awarded from this year. Please follow the following guidelines to apply for the scholarship.


The award is presented to a graduate who has completed the first degree at a State university of Sri Lanka, in recognition of his/her outstanding research in the field of Earth Science.


Graduates who completed their degrees at a state university of Sri Lanka, within one year of the date of announcement (1st May 2018 for this year) of the award are eligible. Applicants should have done their final year research project in Earth Science related research area. At least one of the supervisors of the applicant should be a life or ordinary member of the GSSL at the time of application. There research work should have been presented to a university in the form of a thesis at the time of application.


Undergraduate research from any sub discipline of Earth Sciences (e.g. geophysics, geology) may be considered for the award. Research problem, methodology, outcome and impact of the research for the Earth Science are strictly considered when a person is selected for the award. Only one cash prize is awarded per year. If a suitable candidate could not be selected for a particular year, the cash award will not be awarded. The material which received the award cannot be submitted for any other award presented by the GSSL and vice versa (eg. P.G. Cooray medal).

Selection Process

Applications from potential candidates should be sent by 15th January 2019. Applications will be evaluated during the first two weeks of February 2019.

Applications should be made by the applicant in the prescribed form along with a CV and submit through the supervisor, with his/her recommendation. The recipient is selected by an evaluation committee comprising of three members appointed by the Executive Committee of the GSSL based on the guidelines and evaluation system. Applicants who are summoned for an evaluation shall produce his or her thesis at the evaluation. The supervisor/s of an applicant cannot be a member of the selection committee. The decision of the EC will be final.


The recipient receives a cash prize and a certificate.


The cash prize and the certificate are awarded to the recipient by the President of the GSSL at the Inauguration Ceremony of the Annual Technical Sessions/Annual General Meeting of the GSSL.

Download Application

Application – GSSL Undergraduate Research Award

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