29th Technical Session 2013

Technical Session 1 (11.30 – 12.30)
Venue : IFS Main Hall
Chairman- Prof. C.B. Dissanayake
11.30-11.50    T.H.N.G. Amaraweera, N.W.B. Balasooriya, H.W.M.A.C. Wijayasinghe, A.N.B. Attanayake and M.A.K.L. Dissanayake
Purity Enhancement of Sri Lankan Vein Graphite for Lithium – ion Rechargeable Battery Anode
11.50-12.10    S. V. T. D. Raveendrasinghe, H.A. Dharmagunawardhane and Kapila Dahanayake 
Coal Potential in Jurassic Sediments, Andigama, Sri Lanka
12.10-12.30    S.W.M. Seneviratne, M.M.J.P. Ajithprema, S.N. De Silva, A.M.M. Ratnayake
Seismic Intensity Distribution of on-going Earth Tremor Series at Wadinagala, Ampara 
12.30-13.30    Lunch
Parallel Technical Sessions
Technical Session 2A (13.30 – 15.30)
Venue : IFS Main Hall
Chairman- Prof. Kapila Dahanayake
13.30-13.45    B.M.B. Athurupana and L.R.K. Perera
Is Kadugannawa Complex – Highland Complex Boundary a Transitional Contact? 
13.45-14.00    Bernard N. Prame Tomokazu Hokada and Kazuyuki Shiraishi
On the Occurrence of Charnockitic Rocks in the Vijayan Complex of Sri Lanka
14.00-14.15    P.L. Dharmapriya, S.P.K. Malaviarachchi, N.D. Subasinghe and C.B. Dissanayake
Orthopyroxene-Sillimanite-Quartz Assemblage in Sapphirine Granulites: Sign for Ultra High Temperature Metamorphism in the Central Highland Complex, Sri Lanka  
14.15-14.30    Christoph Hauzenberger,Veronika Tenczer1, Harald Fritz, Martin Thöni
Dating Metamorphic Reaction Textures: an Example from Pan-African Granulites, Tanzania
14.30-14.45    Lutz Nasdala , Allen K. Kenned , John W. Valley , Tamás Váczi, and Peter W. Reiners 
Sri Lankan Gem Zircon ¬as Reference Material in Analysis and Research
14.45-15.00    S. H. K. Perera, R. M. N. P. K. Jayasinghe, T. S. Dharmaratne, J. T. Cooray
An Assessment of Economic Heavy Minerals Associated with Gem-bearing Gravel Layers in Kiriella Division
15.00-15.15    M.M.M.G.P.G Mantilaka, Pitawala, H.M.T.G.A., Rajapakse, R.M.G., Karunaratne, D.G.G.P.
Nanomaterials from Sri Lankan Marble: A Novel Approach for Value Added Products 
15.15-15.30    D.M.U.A.K. Premarathne, Noriyuki Suzuki, Nalin Prasanna Ratnayake, and  E.K.C.W. Kularathne
A Petroleum System in the Gulf of Mannar Basin, Offshore Sri Lanka  
Technical Session 2B (13.30 – 15.30)
Venue : IFS Small Auditorium
Chairman- Prof. P.G.R. Dharmaratne
13.30-13.45    C. Senavirathne, P.N. Ranasinghe, H.M.T. G.A. Pitawala
Sedimentological and Geochemical Evidences for Paleo-Tsunami and Environmental Changes from Coastal Sediments, Southeastern Sri Lanka
13.45-14.00    N.B. Suriyaarachchi, T.B. Nimalsisri, N.D. Subasinghe, B.A. Hobbs, G.M. Fonseka, C.B. Dissanayake, S.N. de Silva
Study of the Near-Surface Resistivity Structure in Kapurella Area Using Transient Electromagnetic Method
14.00-14.15    H.P.T.S Hewathilake, J.T. Cooray and S.N De Silva
Magnetometer Characterization of Iron Ore Deposit in Buttala, Sri Lanka
14.15-14.30    S.W.S. Prabhath, H.W.G. Nishanthi and N. Hikkaduwa 
Rectification of Low Consistency Bored Cast In-Situ Piles by Grouting- Some Case Studies
14.30-14.45    M.S.M. Hidayathulla and G.R.R. Karunaratna
Assessment of Groundwater Quality in Shallow Aquifers in Jaffna Peninsula  
14.45-15.00    W.D.H. Piumalee, J.T. Cooray and S.N De Silva
Characterising of Vein Quartz Occurrences in Sri Lanka with Special Reference to Mahagama, Randeniya, and Illukpelessa
15.00-15.15    M.K.Y.A. Marambe, Rohana Chandrajith and H.A.H. Jayasena
Sedimentology and Clay Mineralogy of Blanket Deposit in Horton Plains
 15.15-15.30    Imali Hapuhinna and H.A.Dharmagunwardhane
Use of Resistivity Sounding Results for Estimating Transmissivity of Aquifers: A Case Study from North Central Province, Sri Lanka
15.30    Tea     
Poster Session (11.30-15.30)
Venue : IFS Lobby Area
Jinadasa Katupotha
Planated Surfaces and Erratic Boulders of Sri Lanka
Jinadasa Katupotha
Planated Surfaces and Erratic Boulders of Sri Lanka
Tissa Munasinghe and Joseph R. Curray
        Possible Cause of Recent Earthquakes around Ampara, Sri Lanka: Constrains fromthe Earthquake Distribution in the Northeast Indian Ocean
M.H. Zufra, J.T. Coorayand S.N. De Silva
        Delineating of Vein Quartz from Bedrock with the aid of 2D Resistivity Technique
E.G. Jayawickrama and S.P.K. Malaviarachchi
        Textural implications of Ultra High Temperature Metamorphism in the Highland Complex of Sri Lanka
P.L. Dharmapriya and S.P.K. Malaviarachchi
        Curious Symplectitcic Textures Associated with Khondalite:The Central Highland Complex, Sri Lanka  
W.D.B. Wijayarathne, T.B.N.S. Madugalla, and H.M.T.G.A. Pitawala
        Mineral Chemistry and Petrogenesis of Carbonatite Bodies at Kawisigamuwa, Sri Lanka
T.B.N.S. Madugalla, H.M.T.G.A. Pitawala, and D.G.G.P. Karunaratne
        Petrographic and Geochemical Characteristics of Marbles in Central Sri Lanka; Potential Applications in Industries
E.J.N. Thilakaratne, R. M. N. P. K. Jayasinghe, T. S. Dharmaratne, H. M. R. Premasiri
        Evaluation of Gem Mineral Bearing Deposits in Upper Part of Kirindi Oya, Wellawaya
K.G.N. Saroja and Jagath Gunatilake
        Compilation of Detailed Geological Map and Soil Geochemical Maps for Horton Plains National Park
S. Balendran, D.T. Udagedara and C.I. Kumara
        Investigation of the Effectiveness of Upparu Salt Barrage, Jaffna Peninsula
Uchitha Nishshanka, Chandi Witharana and Jagath Gunatilake 
        Multi Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Canopy Die-Back in Horton Plains National Park, Sri Lanka 
H.M.D.V. Herath, H.M.T.G.A. Pitawala, Jagath Gunathilake, T.Y.S. Dalugoda
        Heavy Metal Contamination in Road Deposited Sediments in Colombo Urban Area
R.T.Rubasinghe, Sunethra Gunatilake , K.W. Perera
        Suitability of Fibre Complexes of Coir and Banana as Eco-Friendly

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