Field Workshop 2016 Successfully Completed..!

The participants explored the Kadugannawa Complex in detail and how homogeneous mafic-intermediate rocks have become migmatites. They learned how to distinguish different components of complex migmatites in order to understand their origin. They also saw how mafic rocks respond to high-grade shearing and the role of pink granites in understanding the KC/WC relationship. Further in the Day 02, The participants were able to see the folded contact between the combined Kadugannawa-Wanni Complex and the HC, and how the HC rocks have undergone strong high-grade mylonitization and structural fabrics related to the shearing between WC and HC. Also, it was explained that how marble has undergone strain-induced melting during this shearing to form carbonatites locally.

The GSSL Special Publication No. 11 was also launched during the Field Workshop.

GSSL Field Workshop 2016

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